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The Art of Listening - Really Listening Part 3 of A Survival Guide for the Festive Season (3 min read)

Listening and speaking are two different parts of a conversation. This third article in this series “A Survival Guide for the Festive Season” is about the essential Art of Listening - Really Listening!

Your conversations, your communication with the people you care about requires a balance between listening and talking. Somewhere along the way, that balance is getting lost. This article looks at what it means to listen, so that you can achieve that feel-good factor you get from being part of a really great conversation.

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Boundaries Part 2 of A Survival Guide for the Festive Season (5 min read)

Good Personal Boundaries set the scene for healthy relationships. Knowing where you end and other begins, what is your business and what is someone else’s business (aka not your business!).

How do you know when someone has stepped into your business? Is it a thought that they are trying to organise you? Is it advice that you didn’t ask for? Do you recognise when you have stepped into another person’s business? This article will answer these questions and help clarify how healthy personal boundaries contribute to healthy safe relationships.

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