A Survival Guide for the Festive Season (3 min read)

Counselling Services WA 25.11.2018

The Festive Season with all the beliefs, traditions and expectations people and society attach to this time, can challenge the emotional balance of any rational person.

  •  Family expectations, conflicting traditions

  • A sense of loneliness or isolation

  • A reminder of loss, regret, an increased experience of grief.

  • Too many commitments, saying yes when you mean no, trying to please others, trying too hard.

  • Over stepped boundaries, others telling you what to do or how to do it, too many opinions. 

This new 5-part series starts today, with a look at ‘How am I’. It continues over the next 4 weeks, looking at a few ideas and ways to help you keep your emotional balance over the festive season.

How am I (Part 1)

When the air crew run through the safety check on the airplane, they always say “put the oxygen mask over your own mouth and breathe before trying to help others”. Why? If you are not looking after yourself and paying attention to your own needs, you can become part of the problem rather than the solution.

Check in

So, ask yourself, “How am I, do I feel balanced, am I looking after myself?” Take time to really think.

How am I emotionally, physically, mentally? How is my social world and when was the last time I thought about my spirituality? (how you see yourself in the world). Do I have a sense of my own self-worth, is it strong? How is my self-esteem, does it need attention? Do I think that I can comfortably navigate any challenges that may arise?

Doing a check in on yourself is a great way to start. Are all the 5 areas of your being (emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual) in balance or do 1 or more of the areas need some attention?

 Awareness of Self

Awareness of where you are at, is the very first step. Awareness is the step that comes before change. Being able to recognise for yourself, how you are when you don’t have balance in your life. Also, recognising what it is like for you when you do have the right balance. Being honest with yourself when there is a need for change.

Setting small Goals to boost How I am

Decide which of your 5 areas needs more attention to bring about balance and set small achievable goals for these areas. These goals may include:

  • Actions that you undertake e.g. physical exercise to increase health or a physical check-up, visit to the dentist. It may be reconnecting socially or even limiting some of your social engagements, so you have time for other aspects of your world.

  • Reflection e.g. making time to consider your emotional wellbeing or how you see yourself in the world. Engaging in counselling to work on things like: self-esteem, grief and loss experiences, old issues from the past that are still lurking, or even to explore your future personal growth.

Setting goals to boost your emotional wellbeing or even knowing where to start can be challenging. Coming to counselling is a supportive way to explore your expectations and beliefs, work on identifying your goals and discovering ways to reach them.

When you actively take care of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually then you are more able to access your own internal resilience.  Tapping into your awareness and making changes if you need to, will support your ability to rise to any Festive Season challenges.

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