Self Responsibility

Carolyn Spillett 8/10/2018

With great responsibility comes great power” Jim Kwik

Totally embracing and living as a self-responsible individual is powerful and rewarding.  Being self-responsible is one of the key components to a healthy level of self-esteem.

People ask for many things. To live self-responsibly you must be able to influence your behaviour, thoughts and feelings freely in 3 key areas:

  1. To act in ways that support your own personal development and goals.

  2. To be accountable for your own decisions, priorities and actions, respect others right to be accountable for themselves.

  3. To know your own values. Review what they are and how they support you in your daily life.   

 Being self-responsible takes effort, thought and ownership. It will seem challenging at times. Old habits like blaming others, blindly doing what you are told to do by family and friends, or hoping someone else will come along and make everything alright, will seem easier.

Being self-responsible means owning your own choices … all of your choices! This way of being, to own all your own choices, is freeing, powerful and at the same time may seem like an impossible task. It is not impossible, it is challenging, at times difficult, and it is a choice.

A choice that is sometimes hard to make. A choice that is directly impacted by whether you are in your power or out of your power. There are many reasons you might have moments out of your power. You might be struggling with your beliefs, experiencing anxiety, sadness, grief or doubting yourselves. It at these times professional support from a qualified counsellor can be helpful. 

Working with a counsellor creates the possibility of discovering new ways of looking at difficult and challenging choices. A chance to gain a better understanding of ourselves and rediscover our own internal resilience and power.

To learn how counselling can help you reengage with your own Self-Responsibility and explore just how your past experiences contribute to your journey contact Carolyn on 0422929616 or