Relationships: Couples and Interpersonal Counselling

Relationships come in many forms and are not always about romantic relationships. In addition to partners, other relationship issues may be with family members, friends, work colleagues, teachers or relationship with self. Relationship counselling sessions can be individual or couples either individually and/or together. Relationship counselling encompasses all aspects of the life cycle of a relationship.

Couples Counselling

To be close and secure in our relationships we need to feel safe emotional connections. We want to matter to other people, especially our partners. When we are feeling vulnerable, scared or hurt we want to be able to call out to our partner "are you there for me?". Couples counselling supports the  potential  for discovery or rediscovery of safe emotional connections and bonds.

In couples counselling, using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) as a guide, I support each of you in really understanding your own needs in your relationship. This enables you both to learn to respond to each others needs.  With my support you become aware of the moments you hurt each other in your relationship dance and you learn how to keep your emotional balance in those moments. I will show each of you how to become close and express your softer feelings and needs in a way that helps you respond to each other. This builds a secure lasting bond, which in turn creates safe emotional connections for you both.