Pre-marriage Relationship Enhancement Program

This three to six session program guides couples through a process of exploration and discussion about their unique partnership and family. These sessions offer tools and insights that help relationships grow and achieve high levels of sustainability for loving, supportive and long term relationships.

Couples, traditionally have sought counselling when they experience difficulties in their relationship. This can often be too late... According to research, pre-marriage counselling programs can greatly improve a couple’s chance of a successful marriage.

A survey exploring the effectiveness of pre marital enhancement programs concluded that “participation in premarital education was associated with higher levels of satisfaction and commitment in marriage and lower levels of conflict and also reduced odds of divorce. These estimated effects were robust across race, income (including among the poor), and education levels, which suggests that participation in premarital education is generally beneficial for a wide range of couples.”

It would seem wise to consider seeking pre marriage guidance to explore important and complex issues that are inherent in marriage, such as compatibility, shared or differing values/ beliefs, communication styles, conflict resolution skills, taboos, family background, expectations, goals and deal breakers.

The Pre Marriage Relationship Enhancement Program (REP) supports this idea, empowering couples with shared understanding and concrete tools.  The process also includes discovering and appreciating each other’s differences as well as the similarities. REP explores what each person needs from the other, what might need to be adjusted and what stays the same.

(1) Pre Marital Education, Marital Quality and Marital Stability: Findings from a large random household survey (

What benefits and tools will you gain from The Relationship Enhancement Program?

The ability to

  • Explore your relationships strengths and vulnerabilities

  • Clarify the relationship you both want

  • Identify key relationship skills and strategies that will support your relationship, including communication & conflict resolution

  • Identify your individual actions towards strengthening your relationship.

  • Openly and clearly discuss and define deal breakers i.e. finances, starting a family, extended family, intimacy, sexual intimacy, housekeeping, dependencies, recreation, experiences of abuse/violence

  • Develop and apply practical skills to strengthen your relationship now and for the future

The Relationship Enhancement Program is aimed at:

  • Couples about to be married or those about to live together
  • Couples newly married or couples new to living together
  • Couples of all ages and stages in life
  • For those with experience of previous relationships and in a new relationship

What to expect in the session

As the facilitator I guide the couple in exploring a series of pertinent questions that opens their awareness to each others’ strengths, shortcomings, expectations and ways of thinking or behaving that may yet be unexplored.  

As part of the program, following each session you will be given tasks to take away which will stimulate questions and answers about who you are as individuals, and what you each bring to the marriage. These questions and the responses are explored in the next session. 

This in-depth program will equip you with a strong foundation of relationship knowledge and the tools that allow you to navigate with ease issues inevitable through life as a couple.

There are 2 Relationship Enhancement Program Packages:

  1. Comprehensive
  2. Condensed

For package details please contact Carolyn on 0422929616 or