Life Directions and Transitions

Deciding how you want your life to be and navigating your life transitions or changes to your future direction can be a challenging, confusing and a painful process that taps into a range of uncomfortable emotions.

Personal Development

Who we are and who we become, as well as what we see, and what we believe, is determined by perception.  Each individual has their own perception of how the world works, and the belief that their perception is the “real” one or the one shared by everyone. This is not always the case.

Personal Development is a process of recognition that your own world view might be limited.

Great leaps in levels of consciousness are always preceded by letting go of tightly held perceptions and beliefs that are no longer useful.  Frequently, the only way one can reach this willingness to change is when one “hits their own low”. It is in this space where realisation dawns that  ‘if I always do what I have always done, then I will always get the same thing over and over again’.  With this awareness the process of letting go of an old belief system and embracing the idea that there can be other beliefs, through which to perceive the world, that change comes about. It is with this change that a new understanding of self develops.

Retirement, Relocation, Immigration, Role Changes

Deciding where you want to go in life or dealing with life transitions that just happen can create confusion, doubt and a myriad of other emotions.

Whilst change is inevitable, decisions involving future transitions/directions can be challenging and painful.

Working with a counsellor to clarify your feelings and to help consider and understand your choices and options can alleviate confusion, possible unnoticed resistance and can contribute to clearer way forward.